SoClean - Hail Mediproducts Private Limited

  • Hail Mediproducts Private Limited has been established in 1997, by a team of professionals.
  • Team has experience of more than 19 years as manufacturers, importers & distributors of medical equipments & Devices.
  • Committed to provide International quality Equipments at reasonable prices, complimented by our efficient & versatile customer support system.
  • Having vast experience & proven track record in Government Supplies.
  • We specialize in Equipments, Instruments, Devices & Disposables used in Bio Medical Waste Management as well as Infection Control.


• To Develop & maintain strong connections with our clients in order to anticipate & satisfy their requirements.
• To achieve complete customer satisfaction through business ethics.


• To manufacture & supply quality products sourced from leading manufacturers around the world backed by qualified technical support & after sales service.


• In today’s competitive & fast moving global economy we have the corporate & individual experiences necessary to develop & implement innovative & creative structuring of diversified teams with solid core competencies that facilitate alliances to achieve goals & objectives.


• SoClean Medical Waste Solutions:
• SoClean Syringe cum Needle Destroyers.
• SoClean Disposable Plastic Containers for special types of Hospital Wastes.
• SoClean Specialised Waste Carrying carts.
• SoClean Puncture Proof Sharp Containers & Bins.
• SoClean Medical Waste Segregation systems
• SoClean Bio-Medical Waste bins.
• SoClean Chlorine Free & Biodegradable Waste Disposal Plastic Bags.
• SoClean Equipment for Liquid Medical Waste Treatment & Disposal.
• SoClean Equipment for Sharps Medical Waste Treatment.
• SoClean Products related to infection control.